Hot Plate Welding Machine

CE Standard Hot Plate Welding Machine

CE standard hot plate welding machine, enlarge/widen/deepen size hydraulic hot plate welder, heighten hydraulic hot plate welding machine, horizontal multeity cavity hot plate welding machine, horizontal hydraulic hot plate welding machine, horizontal pipe to pipe hot plate welding machine, automatic feed and take hot plate welding machine, infrared non-touch hot plate welding machine, stick-proof hot plate welding machine, faster change mold hot plate welding machine.

Hot Plate Welding Machine Applications

Specialized for irregular or curved surface welding, suitable for plasticity material PP, PE, POM, Acrylic, ABS, Nylon, PVC, and etc. For example: automobile lens, motorbike lens, tail lamps and turn signal lamps. Each kind of toy, pets toy, hollow ball, rolling ball, aromatic, oilcan, fuel tank, automobile filter or other automobile parts, mobile stool, automobile battery or other battery, radiator, washer balance ring, plastic pallet, cleaning carrier for LED and LCD…etc.

Providing Customized and Suitable Hot Plate Welding Machine

Pan Uni Technique Co., Ltd provides custom-made hot plate welders, manufacture faster, changing mold faster, complete function, smooth welding area, strong welding quality.

Pan Uni provides suitable hot plate welders, research and development for our customer, as long as the work piece which needs to weld. Pan Uni has formidable research and development team and advanced welding technology, promotes heat sealer of the different welding technology every year. Welcome to contact us for our products.

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