Hot Plate Welding Machine


The hot plate welding machine PU-MH1500LS is specially designed for the 5MICRO folding filter. The constant temperature control and micro temperature compensation meet the precise requirements. The modular mold change design greatly shortens the mold change time.

Application: Combination of PP and folding filter, nylon and folding filter, etc.

Hot Plate Welding Machine
  • Absolute filter hot plate welding machine.
  • Used in high-tech industry (TV or LCD screen filtering pure water).
  • Series utilize HMI controller.
  • Series uses PLC controller.
  • PID thermostatic controller, SSR non-contact switch. Micro-temperature compensation ±1℃.
  • Temperature difference, pressure difference electronic protector.
  • Modular mold changing design.
  • Abnormal operation computer monitors circuit function, pneumatic pressure and electrical temperature fool proof capability.
  • Series is CE safety specification certified. (Optional)