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As one of the leading plastic welding machine suppliers, "Best technique, highest quality and client priority" has always been the spirit of PAN-UNI development. PAN-UNI began designing and manufacturing plastic processing machinery in 1990, we have professional R&D technology in the field of plastic welding, we are also a professional automatic plastic welding machine manufacturer.

PAN-UNI provides instant business and technical services to clients around the world, and is committed to providing client with high value-added product technologies and applications to ensure their market competitiveness.

PAN-UNI pursues innovation and breakthroughs in existing products, which can help clients improve their industrial competitiveness.

Our professional products include hot plate welder, vibration welders, ultrasonic plastic welding machine, spin welding machine, plastic pallet welding machine, plastic thermoforming machine, infrared welding machine, vibration friction welding machine.

PAN-UNI expects to develop and research together with clients to take the field of plastic welding to a higher level. If you need an innovative and trustworthy plastic welding machine manufacturer and supplier, we are your first choice. Feel free to write us your inquiry anytime.

Best technique, highest quality
Client priority and honesty
Leader in the industry, comprehensive and innovation
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