Hot Plate Welding Machine


Horizontal hot plate welding machine: PU-MH1500L, specially designed for the welding of long workpieces such as tubes and pipe joints. The operation is safe and fast, greatly shortening the processing waiting time. The mechanism is precise and stable, the hydraulic circuit is designed, and the product combination is precise and advantageous.

Applicable: PE, PP and other plastic pipe connection, multi-stage combined welding.

Hot Plate Welding Machine
  • Series utilize HMI controller.
  • Series uses PLC controller.
  • PID thermostatic controller, SSR non-contact switch. Micro-temperature compensation ±1℃.
  • Temperature difference, pressure difference electronic protector.
  • The entire machine uses NC precision processed parts.
  • Working kit made with bearing steel SUJ2 (RHC62±2) to ensure precision, stability and long operational lifespan.
  • Modular mold changing design.
  • Strong U shape chassis. Extremely stable during operation with CNC sheet metal and environmentally friendly powder coating.
  • Abnormal operation computer monitors circuit function, pneumatic pressure and electrical temperature fool proof capability.
  • Hydraulic circuitry utilizes heating and High/Low speed control while jointing. This makes a cleaner and stronger weld joint.
  • Operation gate, security light curtain. (Optional)
  • Series is CE safety specification certified. (Optional)