Plastic Welding Machine - Custom Equipment

Plastic welding machine/Automatic system/Customized equipment

Specializing in the production of plastic welding machines or customized automatic plastic welding machines, we can manufacture plastic welding machines suitable for welding for all kinds of soft plastics or hard plastics, such as irregular or curved products. Material PP, PE, POM, Acrylic, ABS, Nylon, PVC, PC.. etc. CD cover making machine or special non-woven fabric welding machine, medical filter paper or food filter paper or beauty mask products, filter and various RO products, water spray joints and other horticultural plastic joint products, plastic water valves, round oil pots , plastic toys or double-layer water cups, car lights or motorcycle lights or all kinds of tail lights and direction lights, all kinds of toys or pet toy products, hole balls (practice balls), balls, fragrances, oil cans, fuel tanks, Filters for vehicles or other parts for automobiles and motorcycles, mobile toilets, battery or other batteries for vehicles, water tanks, balance rings for washing machines, plastic pallets for automated storage systems, etc.

PAN UNI specializes in the production of customized hot plate welding machines, with fast production, fast mold change, and complete product functions. As long as it is a plastic workpiece that needs to be welded, PAN UNI has both production and mass production for development customers. PAN UNI has a strong RD team and advanced welding technology. Every year, it launches welding machines with different plastic welding technologies. PAN UNI maintains the spirit of innovation and research and development every year. Please write us an inquiry.

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