Plastic Pallet Welding Machine


PU-MH1612P plastic pallet welding machine adopts manual feeding and automatic discharging design. Specially designed high&low pressure hydraulic circuit system, the welding is smooth and stable and the machine production is smooth and fast.

Application: welding of PE, PP, PVC plastic pallets.

PU-MH1612P Pallet Welding Machine with Manual Feeding
  • Cantilever type HMI, PLC controller.
  • PID temperature control, SSR non-contact switch temperature compensation ±1℃.
  • Temperature difference, pressure difference electronic protector.
  • Large U shape steel chassis combined with linear guide rail kit SUJ2 (HRC62±2). Movement fast and precise.
  • Computer self-detection for operation abnormal, simple operation.
  • High/Low two speed design of hydraulic loop for the function of heat and combine.
  • Chimney window.
  • CE safety specifications. (Optional)
  • Safety light curtain. (Optional)