Plastic Pallet Welding Machine


This plastic pallet welding machine can choose different directions of discharge and conveyor belt connection, emphasizing the welding effect is strong and no false welding phenomenon, the welding connection is beautiful, the mold change is fast and accurate, and the operation is simple and convenient.

Application: welding of PE, PP, PVC plastic pallets.

PU-MH1412P Pallet Welding Equipment
  • Cantilever type HMI, PLC controller.
  • PID temperature control, SSR non-contact switch temperature compensation ±1℃.
  • Temperature difference, pressure difference electronic protector.
  • Large U shape steel chassis combined with linear guide rail kit SUJ2 (HRC62±2). Movement fast and precise.
  • Computer self-detection for operation abnormal, simple operation.
  • High/Low two speed design of hydraulic loop for the function of heat and combine.
  • Chimney window.
  • CE safety specifications. (Optional)
  • Safety light curtain. (Optional)