Vibration welding machine


PU-LV44U vibration friction welding machine adopts mature precision cam mechanism and high torque driving element, after welding, it can make the plastic workpiece achieve perfect appearance, high welding strength and precise positioning angle. Because the operation and setting are easy to get started, compared with the electromagnetic vibration friction method, this equipment has a greatly reduced investment cost and it is easier to introduce technology transfer and education training. It is the best consideration for being able to put into the production line in a batch.

PE, PP, Nylon 66, mixed talc or glass fiber with a higher proportion of raw materials, elastic polyester plastic injection, extrusion, or water-absorbing plastic, plastics that are not easy to process by hot melt can be easily welded with this equipment.

Application: car parts such as square type, special-shaped nylon plus fiber, POM plus fiber, etc.

Vibration welding machine
  • Series uses HMI.
  • Series uses PLC controller.
  • Uses imported German and Japanese High-torque transmission system.
  • Precision U shape steel frame with reinforced chassis prevents vibration.
  • Internally sealed sound absorbing material lowers noise level.
  • 0.7-1.8mm vibration amplitude.
  • 100-200HZoperational frequency. (adjustable)
  • Modular mold change design allows fast and precise mold change.
  • Not limited to the machining fixture weight fit restriction.
  • Positioning welding function. (Optional)