Spin Welding Machine


PU-FS800D is a downward-spin vertical spin welding machine with a downward-spin head and positioning function. High torque clutch brake reducer, adjustable speed rotating mechanism.

Application: Large diameter PE, PP, nylon, PET and other spherical, round tubes, oil, gasoline filters must be positioned at a fixed angle and rotated.

PU-FS800D Vertical Plastic Spin Welding Equipment
  • Series uses HMI.
  • Series uses PLC controller.
  • Japanese YASKAWA high torque servo motor and driver.
  • Enlarged chassis column ∮100mm and large upper/lower structure for prevents the torque reaction during startup and rapid stopping.
  • Upper/lower guide rod are ∮25mm or larger. To prevents tolerance deviation during heavy spin processing.
  • The industry's first design, 2in1 positioning spin welding and trimming function, it can successfully achieve the task of positioning requirements and appearance flash removal (for the trimming model optional).
  • Specially designed lower clamp block that adjusts to the position required of the work piece.
  • High hardness steel clamp prevent vibration during high-speed spin welding.
  • Modular mold change capability.
  • Uses NC precision parts, processed and assembled.
  • Provide high torque of the motor apparatus, choose from 1.8KW to 15KW. (96N.m【kgf.cm】)
  • Conforms to CE safety specification. (Optional)