Spin Welding Machine


The PU-ASF800 servo spin welding machine adopts automatic compaction during automatic feeding and filling, and is designed with automatic dust absorption. Precision high torque motor and high and low speed frequency conversion system, customized top-spin investment and telescopic design, 8 STEP precision splitter and center column strong structure, mechanically stable and smooth.

Application: Activated carbon filter and medical stone filter filling production.

  • Rotary table welding equipment/trimming equipment/mineral stone filter filling.
  • HMI combined all adjustment function (abnormal, group, monitoring and other functions)
  • Precision high torque motor and high-low speed frequency conversion system.
  • Precision indexing and adjustable speed transmission system.
  • Eight-angle NC large rotary table and strong center pillar structure.
  • The machine structure is high rigidity steel plate welding, tempering, CNC machining, horizontal, vertical.
  • Spinning mold and telescopic design.
  • Option switch of trimming or no trimming mode.
  • Mineral stone filler screw automatic feeding structure.
  • Automatic vibration compaction when filling/automatic suction dust when filling.
  • One of 50kg large stainless steel activated carbon storage bucket.