IR Infrared Welding Machine


PU-AIF6983-S IR non-contact infrared plastic welding machine effectively uses heat for welding, which is more energy-saving than traditional hot plate machines. The non-contact welding method has no sticking problems, and the welding surface is smooth and beautiful, and can meet the requirements of water and air tightness.

Application: PP and foldable filter, nylon and foldable filter, 5Micro grade filter end-to-end welding, resin and other plastic products. This equipment adopts full servo operation, manual feeding (3 tube bodies at a time, including 6 end caps), automatic IR infrared welding → automatic end cap combination → automatic return, and the production capacity is increased by 12sec./1pcs.

PU-AIF6983-S IR Non-contact Infrared Plastic Welding Machine
  • All series use HMI, PLC controller.
  • Precision indexing action, intermittent conveyor workstations.
  • 1mold/3pieces, high efficiency weld processing.
  • Feeding, hot welding, combined, discharge, all completely independent operation.
  • Working stop point, error 1/16384 accuracy.
  • Machining spare part all NC precision processing.
  • Design of high temperature thermal radiation mold/low temperature thermal radiation mold.
  • Servo welding drive design, combined more accurate.
  • Manual material feeding, automatic discharge desing.

Note: 5-micro tube head to tail non-contact welding, 1mold/3pcs. Continuous production.