Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine


PU-AC2000-02 is specially developed for high-paying processing machines for automatic production lines. The structure adopts a square steel frame combination, matched with linear slide rails and uses a cylinder drawing to select a servo motor to move up and down. In addition to being stable, we provide a quick mold change design when the automatic production line often needs to change molds, with a high-precision splitter rotary plate with the feeding and discharging conveyor system, it can achieve unmanned operation. It is the best choice to be used in the production line of drinking water filter.

Suitable for welding processing of various plastic workpieces.

Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine
  • High rigidity tempered base and linear slide rail mechanism design.
  • 8 step high precision divider, variable speed drive unit, torque limit protector, fat brake clutch, NC rotary-table, rotary-table top fixed-position structure.
  • Large grinding steel plate, CNC metal machine platform, environmental protection powder coating.
  • Modularized mold change design, saving mold change time design.
  • Automatic transportation with in and out material design.
  • Connect with filling equipment system, feed the material to the rotary disc of ultrasonic welding machine, and then transport out the material automatically after the welding is completed.