Automatic Filling And Spin Welding Machine/Auto In & Out System


This equipment is used in the filter processing production line to save more manpower. The RO filter tube is placed on the fixture of the conveyor belt, and the robot arm automatically enters the disk for filling, upper cover rotation welding, automatic trimming, and automatic return. , Is another option for filter heart automatic production.

PU-ASF1000 Automatic Plastic Filling and Spin Welding Machine
  • Feeding modular conveyor/four-point clamping and feeding robotic arm/rotary-disc filling/spin welding/trimming/robotic arm discharging.
  • Precision high torque motor and high-low speed frequency conversion system (with air reservoir) ~ spin welding transmission set.
  • Precision high-torque motor and high-low speed frequency conversion system (s Displacement after spinning welding, and then do trimming) ~ trimming transmission set.
  • Customized upper spinning mold and retractable teething design.
  • 8 STEP precision divider/torque limit transmission belt set/high-speed brake clutch/adjustable speed reducer motor transmission set.
  • Eight-angle NC large rotary-disc/quick change mold design (powerful magnet/positioning card bamboo shoots).
  • The spin-welding and trimming base adopts steel plate welding, tempering, and NC processing. The linear slide rail works to strengthen the non-returning.
  • The feeding conveyor belt uses 4PCS. as a standard fixture base, the whole set is about 34~36 pieces, and adopts a modular quick-change system design.
  • Feeding robot arm, X-Y-Z and servo electric cylinder design, linear slide rail transportation.
  • X-Y-Z design of discharging robot arm.
  • The electronic control terminal design, the laptop on the machine can perform functions such as monitoring/recording/rewriting parameters.
  • The whole machine has multi-point safety detection, no-material detection and other functions.
  • The patented design of the central positioning fixture ensures that the diameter error of the workpiece can be controlled in the work center.
  • The spin-welding and trimming bases are monitored by potentiometer up and down, equipped with group memory, and the height is adjusted by the motor ascending and descending.
  • PLC controller/7.1” Mitsubishi HMI.
  • Large grinding table/CNC table frame/environmental painting/covering stainless steel plate 2mm.
  • Air hammer vibration conveying/500KG stainless steel activated carbon bucket.
  • Automatic vibration compaction design and automatic dust suction design during filling.