Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine


Ultrasonic is used in plastic welding process, which is fast, beautiful and strong. PAN-UNI has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in the field of ultrasonic welding processing. In addition to the pursuit of more sophisticated parts and assembly of existing equipment, the processing application range has expanded to more industries, such as semiconductors, 3C, medical treatment, and life. A series of ultrasonic equipment of PAN-UNI adopts high-torque motors and precision guide rails to move up and down, which can obtain faster and more convenient functions in mold change and parameter adjustment. With the turntable processing station, it can be more efficient and safe, and improve the customer's return on investment.

Suitable for plastic materials such as ABS, PS, 475, POM, PA, Acrylic.

PU-AU600R1 Ultrasonic Rotary Welding Machine
  • 2600W high-power ultrasonic plastic welding machine.
  • Cross type ultrasonic base adjustment mechanism.
  • 6 step high precision divider, variable speed drive unit, torque limit protector, fat brake clutch, NC rotary-table, rotary-table top fixed-position structure.
  • Large grinding steel plate, CNC metal machine platform, environmental protection powder coating.
  • Manual material feeding/Automatic welding/Automatic material discharge.
  • Automatic material ejection, slide track into the material design.
  • Connection circuit with ultrasonic and rotary-disc.
  • Add a quick mold change design.