Spin Welding Machine


The traditional spin welding machine is designed for customers with small production volume or samples. The PU-MS800N spin welding machine has a stable mechanism, no back-up or reaction torque is generated when the workpiece is processed, and it is low-consumption and low-maintenance.

Application: PE, PP, nylon, PET and other RO reverse osmosis filters or double-layer cup rotating combination.

Spin Welding Machine
  • Series uses HMI.
  • Series uses PLC controller.
  • Imported European high torque motor with strong clutch brake.
  • Provide high torque motor apparatus. Choose from 1HP~50HP.
  • Enlarged chassis column ∮100mm and large upper/lower structure for prevents the torque reaction during startup and rapid stopping.
  • Upper/lower guide rod are ∮25mm or larger. To prevents tolerance deviation during heavy spin processing.
  • The trimming function is integrated after the spin welding, and the trimming tool holder can be adapted to the change of the right fixture of the modularization (For the trimming machine option).
  • High hardness steel clamp prevent vibration during high-speed spin welding.
  • Modular mold change capability.
  • Uses NC precision parts, processed and assembled.
  • Conforms to CE safety specification. (Optional)