Heat Staking Machine


PU-MP800 is specially designed for hot melt processing of plastic elastomer (TPE) workpieces.

It is suitable for TPU/TPR and other workpieces, such as bicycle inner tubes, medical supplies, elastic spheres, etc.

PU-MP800 Heat Staking Equipment
  • Series utilize HMI controller.
  • Series uses PLC controller.
  • PID thermostatic controller, SSR non-contact switch. Micro-temperature compensation ±1℃.
  • Temperature difference, pressure difference electronic protector.
  • Japan servo motor system.
  • The entire machine uses NC precision processed parts.
  • Working kit made with bearing steel SUJ2 (RHC62±2) to ensure precision, stability and long operational lifespan.
  • Linear slide rail actuates the upper and lower riveting bases.
  • Modular mold changing design.
  • Strong U shape chassis. Extremely stable during operation with CNC sheet metal and environmentally friendly powder coating.
  • Selectable pneumatic or hydraulic specification. (According to the demand for materials processing selection)
  • Confirmed CE safety specification. (Optional)