Plastic Pallet Welding Machine


PU-MH1515AP is a fully automatic plastic pallet welding machine, the machine is divided into 1 feeding area, 2 preparation area, 3 welding area, 4 trimming area, 5 entries stop slip area, 6 stacking area, 7 discharge area connection system, this is a plastic pallet welding machine for fully automatic feeding and discharging production, which can be changed or adjusted according to the needs of the customer's injection machine production line. PAN-UNI produces a fully automatic plastic pallet welding machine, which can improve the bending of objects and make the combination smoother and more stable when pressing with powerful fixtures and windows.

Applicable: PE, PP large plastic pallet welding. Available for the symmetrical pallet welding (9-foot welding, Runner type welding and flat to flat type welding). (Production adjustment within the scope of application)

  • Japanese MITSUBISH HMI combined with adjustment/monitoring/automatic error detection/PLC data.
  • Temperature control module design, built-in HMI adjustment and monitoring/SSR non-contact heating/compensation.
  • Temperature difference, pressure difference electronic protection device.
  • Use 10HP motor and high-pressure high-speed pump. High flow and fast/slow speed control oil circuit system.
  • When the pallet size is changed, the reference scale is clearly marked, and the adjustment time can be shortened.
  • The hot plate adopts the main plate (insert the heating tube), the upper/lower sub-die, special ceramic Teflon surface painting, anti-sticking effect is particularly good.
  • All internal cylinders and hydraulic cylinders adopt VITON heat-resistant parts.
  • The air pressure tube is made of NYLON high temperature.
  • Heating plugs are available in the European regulations.
  • Strong fixture, improves material bending, and is flatter when combined.
  • View window with tempered glass.
  • Full mechanical large-scale U-steel/CNC sheet metal/environmental protection coating.
  • Manual feed/automatic feed/automatic discharge design.
  • Work area lighting system.