Vibration welding machine


PU-LV41U is a thermoformed mechanical vibration friction welding machine. The linear reciprocating output of the precision cam box and the servo drive system can make the two workpieces tightly fused under high-speed friction. The production capacity is fast, which can replace the hot plate welding method, and can easily achieve a perfect welding effect for the plastic materials of PE, PP, nylon, and POM that are not easy to weld.

  • Series uses HMI.
  • Series uses PLC controller.
  • Uses imported German and Japanese High-torque transmission system.
  • Precision U shape steel frame with reinforced chassis prevents vibration.
  • Internally sealed sound absorbing material lowers noise level.
  • 0.7-1.8mm vibration amplitude.
  • 100-200HZoperational frequency. (adjustable)
  • Modular mold change design allows fast and precise mold change.
  • Not limited to the machining fixture weight fit restriction.
  • Positioning welding function. (Optional)
  • Conforms to CE safety standards. (Optional)