Spin Welding Machine


PU-FS5000NC30H high-horsepower hydraulic spin welding machine, high rigid body, super stable structure. The upper edge of the customized paint bucket is welded to the bucket body, and the machine is assembled with NC precision machining parts.

Application: After welding, trimming and removing burrs, such as round diameter floats such as PE, PP, nylon, PET, or large round containers.

  • Hydraulic vertical high stroke action system.
  • High steel slot to strengthen the machine body/four-column action stable structure.
  • Bottom-spin-weld area using high torque hydraulic motor system (20HP motor with clutch brake system).
  • Variable speed design.
  • HMI combined time/delay/cooling/adjustment and other functions.
  • Available for∮380mm~∮610mm round plastic containers.
  • Option switch of trimming or no trimming mode.