Spin Welding Machine


PU-2FS800 dual-servo positioning spin welding machine is driven by a Japanese-made high-torque servo motor. The servo has a fixed distance and a fixed angle of rotation. The longitude is 1/16384 scale. The reinforced H-shaped high-rigidity base is stable and has a long service life. New style optical ruler, fixed distance/signal output device.

Application: Large diameter PE, PP, nylon, POM, PBT and other ball types, round pipes, oil, gasoline filters must be positioned and rotated at a fixed angle.

  • Series uses HMI, PLC controller.
  • HMI can be used for grouping, parameter, alarm, adjustment etc. functions.
  • 7.5KW servo drive motor/spin welding function.
  • 2.9KW base up and down servo motor actuation/stopping function.
  • Install oil pressure buffer.
  • Spin welding, loop times, positioning function.
  • Install safety fences in the work area.
  • Pneumatic sliding table device/center fixture positioning design.
  • The spin-welding base is high rigidity welded/tempered/NC processed/horizontal/vertical integrated with high rigid steel plate, and the X-Y position can be fine-tuned.
  • The linear slide rail moves up and down, and there is no gap inclination during processing.
  • Patented clamp structure, the diameter tolerance of the tube body can still keep the upper cover and the tube body on a concentric axis for rotating processing.
  • New type fast modular mold change system.
  • Environmentally friendly powder machine and NC machine sheet metal.